TEAM - Teaching Excellence Assessment Modules

TEAM - Teaching Eccellence Assessment Modules is a progression-oriented titling program that emphasizes excellence in training that was creatd by Denise Fenzi.

Each level will progressively develop foundation skills such as personal play and engagement, targeting, jumping, handler independence, impulse control, stimulus control, and scent discrimination just to name a few.  Various props like platforms, Zen BOWL pivot buckets, and targets will be taught and utilized!  This is a fun venue that anyone can do with their dog, regardless of whether or not they ever want to get into the 'real' ring.  In order to submit videos for titles, you will need your own video camera or access to one.  This class will focus on levels 1 & 2
Session Details:
Cost: $30.00
Length: 1 - 1 hour session
Size: up to 8

Upcoming Sessions:
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