1. Impeccable Impulse Control

In this 5 week Class we will utilize Susan Garrett’s Crate Games and Hannah Branigan’s Zen Bowl, side-by-side, to achieve…

·        Focus and Motivation for work

·        A dog that can relax in a crate regardless of environment and/or distractions

·        An unbreakable sit stay

·        A speedy and dependable recall

·        Self-control

·        An extraordinary working relationship

·        Confidence while proofing behaviors with tough distractions

·        A dog that keenly offers responses during shaping sessions

Week 1

·        Crate Games Phase 1 – high rate of reinforcement for maintaining seated/stationary with door open.

·        Zen Bowl Phase 1 – BUILD THE CRAZY for the reinforcement!

Week 2

·        Crate Games Phase 2 – Increase duration and distractions while maintaining seated/stationary with open door.

·        Zen Bowl Phase 2 – Increase distance to the CRAZY!

Week 3

·        Crate Games Phase 3 – Yer In, Yer Out! It’s Yer Choice. Introduction of “RELEASE”

·        Zen Bowl Phase 3 – Beginning to control the crazy. If you want it SO BAD, what will you do for it?

Week 4

·        Crate Games Phase 4 – Increase distance, Add collar grab, Add verbal cue for RUNNING into crate

·        Zen Bowl Phase 4 – Increase criteria. What ELSE can you do to get the thing you love so much?

Week 5


·        Friendly competitions between classmates. Show off your mad skills!!

Intro to Positive Training class or 30 minute private session required.

Session Details:
Cost: $150.00
Length: 5 - 50 minute sessions
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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