Real Life Skills

This class was built for pet parents who are willing to dedicate the time, work, and effort needed to achieve respectable manners from their dogs that friends, family members, and strangers will compliment and who may be interested in pursuing the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, or Urban CGC Certifications.

During this 8 week class we will cover:

Targeting – Learn how to move your dog wherever you want them without physical force and without luring them with a piece of food in your hand

Capturing – Teaching basic cues sit and down while adding duration, distraction, and distance

Shaping Games & Practical Use

Learn HOW TO Learn! Get your dog offering behaviors independent from your instruction

Go to Mat/Bed, Sit by Side, Rear End Awareness/Pivoting

Handling – Comfort in collar grabs, Calmness during vet visits/grooming/petting, Chin Rest

Leash Manners

Giving in to pressure on the leash

Move forward at your pace, follow when you change direction, Sit when you stop

Figure 8’s and weaving games

Crate Games

Phase 1 – Build an Unbreakable Sit/Down Stay and Increase ability to relax in crate in any environment

Phase 2 – Create Motivation to Work and Confidence to offer new behavior

Phase 3 – Produce speedy and dependable recalls while enhancing self-control and focus

Zen Bowl

Phase 1 – Increase Excitement for Rewards

Phase 2 – Learn to Control the Excitement

Phase 3 – Utilize excitement as a Distraction while practicing learned behavior

Prerequisites: Intro to Positive Training class or 30 minute private session

Session Details:
Cost: $250.00
Length: 8 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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