Focus and Impulse Control

This class will be 4 PRIVATE Sessions to build impulse control as well as focus for you.

For dogs that have a hard time finding value in you.  Training ANYTHING requires a dog that recognizes your value and will learn to focus on you.  The environment can be "background noise" to your dog by working to reinforce your dog for making correct choices.

If you have a dog that could be categorized as "reactive" or just out-of-control, this might be the fix, or it can be the gateway to have a more successful outcome in the Reactive Dog Class.

This class can also serve as a pre-cursor to other classes for the dog that needs a bit of help in the "attention" department.

Pre-requisite to this class is the Intro to Positive Training Class.

Session Details:
Cost: $125.00
Length: 4 - 40 minute sessions
Size: up to 1

Upcoming Sessions:
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