Get a JUMP on Polite Walking

This is aimed at PUPs from 8 weeks - 5 Months old.

By getting an early start on this behavior is key to having a dog that "gets" walking nicely with you.

These are PRIVATE sessions that last roughly 30 minutes and are separate from Puppy Kindergarten and other classes.

The Pre-Requisite to this class is attendance in the Intro to Positive Training Class for humans.  

The IPT (Intro to Positive Training) Class is held each Wednesday at 7pm, and on Saturday at 1pm.  The cost is just $35 and that covers everyone in the family.  
If you'd like to register for the Intro to Positive Training Class, I've inserted the links below:
Session Details:
Cost: $40.00
Length: 1 - 30 minute session
Size: up to 1

Upcoming Sessions:
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