Get High: Elevated Hides

This class will focus solely on teaching and perfecting the location of elevated (high) hides of target odors at various heights.  Appropriate for both beginner dogs and advanced dogs that have been imprinted already on the core nosework odors (Anise, Birch, and Clove).  Additional target odors (Myrrh, Vetiver, Cypress) are optional.

This class is a MUST For short dogs, beginner dogs, and any size dogs that struggle to pinpoint high elevation hides.

Prerequisites: Dogs must already be imprinted on Anise, Birch, and Clove.

Reactive dogs are not appropriate for this class.
Session Details:
Cost: $115.00 ($115.00 deposit required)
Length: 4 - 55 minute sessions
Size: up to 8

Upcoming Sessions:
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