1. Agility Foundations I

This is where it all begins! Competitive Agility is a sport that tests the skills, training, and communication between a handler and their dog. In this class we show you how to develop that communication. Learn to develop your dog’s drive, confidence, understanding, and body awareness in order to ensure a strong foundation. Through shaping, games, high rates of reinforcement, consistency, and clear criteria, you and your dog will be better team mates, run faster, and play harder!

Dogs will be taught  focus, stays, understand "shaping", impulse control, rear-end awareness, commitment to obstacles, and more! Humans are guaranteed to learn even more!

All new clients are required to attend Introduction to Positive Training where they will learn about "capturing" and "shaping" using a clicker or other verbal marker.  In order to attend class, the dog must and be able to demonstrate that the dog is clicker "savvy."  They must demonstrate a simple Hand Target, and interaction with a "thing" on the ground.  
If you're not sure that your dog can do this requirement after attending IPT, please contact Paula to book a private session.

Session Details:
Cost: $200.00
Length: 8 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 7

Upcoming Sessions:
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