Directional Control

Have you ever been hiking with your dog, off leash, and needed to get your dog away from a potential danger… Was the only tool at your disposal a recall? Can you stop your dog from a dead run… AWAY from you? Have you had an issue on the agility field where you missed a jump or tunnel because you weren’t fast enough or unable to master the footwork? 

Directional control is the ability to move your dog from point A to B, change pace in between those points, or stop your dog at a distance, no matter the direction they are going. This class was born from the instructor's 15 plus years as a federally certified Urban Search and Rescue handler/trainer. Deployment in some of the country’s most dangerous disaster hot spots requires total off leash control. However, control, if not taught correctly comes at a price. Become a better team member to your dog as you learn to apply directional control in a simple and fun way that adapts itself to your needs, whatever the venue.

All new clients are required to attend Introduction to Positive Training

Individuals wishing to pay for classes by the month may select the package tab above for a discounted price.  Note that credits for the monthly payment must be used within a calendar month.

Session Details:
Cost: $120.00
Length: 4 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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