Puppy Kindergarten - Saturday

4-Week pack is suggested when starting ($125).  When continuing the class, sessions are $25 each.  Moving to Obedience Skills - Level 1 is suggested when the pup is approximately 18 weeks.  There are times when the pup is started early, that we do suggest Level 1 at a slightly younger age.

We see that the puppies come away from their class with a new-found confidence. In these puppy classes we also expose our puppies to being handled which will make grooming and maintenance down the line no big deal for them!

The primary and most important time for puppy socialization is the first three months of life. During this time puppies should be exposed to as many new people, animals, stimuli and environments as can be achieved safely and without causing over-stimulation manifested as excessive fear, withdrawal or avoidance behavior. For this reason, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior believes that it should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated.”

The paragraph above is from the Position Paper on Puppy Socialization from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. Our puppy classes are for pups between the ages of 8 weeks to 18 weeks. As per the previous paragraph, the importance of safe early socialization can’t be overstated.These are ongoing puppy classes with a rolling curriculum that will address common puppy issues. We will offer housebreaking tips, discuss immediate issues weekly, puppy play time, and of course we will be training our little guys and gals to be “thinking” dogs and good household companions.

What to Bring to Class:

Yourself and anyone else who will be involved in training or living with your dog
 (spouse, significant other, well-behaved children, roommates, etc.).

  • Your dog, wearing a standard leash and properly fitted collarChoke chains, correction collars, and retractable leashes are not allowed or advised. Body harnesses such as a Freedom Harness are allowed and often recommended, but not required. Harnesses can be a great way to keep your dog’s neck safe from pressure if s/he gets excited and pulls on the leash, and they can also help curb pulling for those who have already started to pull on walks.
    • Note: If your dog pulls when walking on leash, a front-clip harness is recommended. A combination of front-clipping harness and teaching your dog to focus on you among distractions can be a great way to help your dog learn how to walk politely on a leash.
  • Treats: preferably something soft.   A few of our favorites are: freeze dried treats, such as Vital Essentials, Real Meat Air Dried,  Ziwi Peak Air Dried, In general, find a treat or other food item your dog goes crazy for, even when there is a lot going on!  We carry a wide range of healthy treats in our retail area.  If your class or lesson will take place close to meal time, be careful not to feed your dog right before class. If he’s full, he may have less motivation to work.
  • Treat pouch: This is optional, but it’s highly recommended you bring some kind of bait bag to make it easy to carry and hold your treats. We sell Doggone Good Rapid Reward Treat Pouches.  We use them ourselves and think they're the best! 
  • Toys, bones, or chews to help you keep your dog occupied during talk time or to use as additional motivators or fun-builders during lessons. We don't recommend rawhide, but a 12" bully stick is a winner in class!  (we have them here!)
  • Poop bags - Nuff said;-)
  • Water  iI’s good to get into the habit of ensuring your dog has water when you are bringing him out and about.
  • Optional: A small mat, towel, or blanket that your dog might like to lay on during class. Eventually, we’ll use a mat in class. We will provide mats for class time use, but if you want to get one in advance, I’d recommend a bath mat, a yoga mat (possibly cut to size), or a dog mat such as a Mutt Mat.

Session Details:
Cost: $125.00
Length: 4 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 8

Upcoming Sessions:
Saturdays @ 10:00 AM with Paula Weir at Little AFF
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