Jumpers Anonymous

Jumpers Anonymous Class

Does your dog jump in ways that you find inappropriate or downright annoying?  Then this is the class for you!  This class is designed to focus on polite greetings, annoying jumping –how to get rid of it— and keeping four paws on the floor. 

This class is 7 weeks in length.  We will meet once a week for one hour and focus solely on how to curb annoying jumping and teach polite greetings to your dog.  Please note the first class is an orientation for humans only, no dogs, and will cover many valuable things to get your training on the road to success!

We will teach you how to teach your dog to ….

·       … greet people politely, without jumping

·       … keep four paws on the floor even during excitement

·       … not jump for food or other items of interest to the dog

·       … greet anyone entering your home (including you!) without jumping on them

Session Details:
Cost: $200.00
Length: 7 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 8

Upcoming Sessions:
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