Precision Learning for Rally, Rally-FrEe, & Obedience

 (6 wk): $175
This 55 min class will focus on teaching foundation positions commonly used in competition obedience, rally, and rally/musical freestyle using platforms, gates, or other targets.  Learn how to use various props to efficiently teach fronts, left/right finishes, tight turns/pivots, U-turns, forward & backwards heeling, pop up stands, tuck sits, and position changes in your quest for precise heel work.  

This class is beneficial for both beginning and experienced dogs in their quest for precision heelwork and foundation positions as they prepare their dogs to compete in Rally-O, Rally-FrEe, or Obedience.
Gates will be available for purchase for $25.

PreReqs: Intro to Positive Training Class
Session Details:
Cost: $175.00
Length: 6 - 55 minute sessions
Size: up to 8

Upcoming Sessions:
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