Musical Freestyle Beginner

You've probably seen a YouTube video of someone dancing with their dog and thought, "How cool!".  Well, now you can learn how to create your own freestyle routine to suit your dog and your own dancing abilities (even if that is none at all!!!).  Musical Freestyle is a fun titling sport that gives the team the flexibility to create a routine to music anyway they long as it's safe for the dog and handler.  This means you can dance as much or as little as you want and still come up with unique choreography to mesmerize the audience. 

In this 6 week class, we will go through some different examples of routines to help you choose a style that best fits your current skill level so you can shine with your own dog.  We will discuss sequencing, transitions and flow, musicality, backchaining, starting/ending poses, use of props/costuming, and choosing music.  This sport may seem intimidating but don't worry....this class will help break it down into easy to manage pieces so you and your dog can strut your stuff!  Teams will learn to sequence a mini-routine that they can customize a bit with skills their dog already knows.

Classes meet for 55 min for 6 weeks.
Prereqs:  Dog must know how to spin, weave thru legs, and circle around handler either on verbal cue or with a hand signal (our Rally Freestyle Foundations class teaches these skills!). Basic Obedience and fun tricks are a plus!

**Handlers DO NOT have to know how to dance.

First day of class is for humans only (Please leave your K9 dance partners at home)
Session Details:
Cost: $175.00
Length: 6 - 55 minute sessions
Size: up to 8

Upcoming Sessions:
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