Canine Communication

8/20/2017 @ 12:30 PM at All FUR Fun Training and Event Center with Karen Deeds | Map | Instructor Bio
Communication is a two way street and often time problems arise between our friends, our spouse, our neighbor, or co-worker because of a misinterpretation of what was said. Now imagine the problems that are a result of miscommunication between one species versus another! The dog is the animal that most commonly spends the most time with another species, the human! Therefore, understanding how they communicate and what their body language is trying to tell us is vital to having a good relationship with them. A good relationship is what any pet owner should strive to have with their companion and communicating effectively can help prevent unwanted behavior and replace it with good, desired ones.
This four hour mini-seminar will give you in depth insight into how dogs communicate with each other as well as how they interpret what our body language ‘says’ to them. There will be photos, power point, video, and live demonstrations to help build your understanding of canine communication. This will be beneficial for ANYONE that owns a dog, or especially someone in the shelter, rescue, grooming, or vet industry.

Cost: $50.00
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