Learning Theory and the Training GAME!

12/8/2017 @ 6:00 PM at All FUR Fun Training and Event Center with Karen Deeds & Paula Weir | Map | Instructor Bio
Come explore the concepts of classical and operant coditioning and how to apply to dog training. We'll discuss the 4 stages of learning and how to appply it to training. If we can teach a giraffe to willingly stand still for a blood draw, we can train dogs without aversive or forceful techniques! Be the 'learner' or the 'teacher' when we play the Shaping Game. We will also discuss common myths about dogs, such as the 'alpha' or 'pack' theory, causes of aggression, etc.

This session will be helpful for those attending the weekend workshop, not nor required. It will also be helpful for anyone wanting to learn more about training, such as rescue groups, pet owners, and trainers new to 'capturing', 'shaping', and positive reinforcement training concepts.

This session is NO CHARGE to those registering for a day or both days of the following weekend. There is a very low charge of $30 for Friday evening only.
Cost: $30.00
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