Denise Fenzi September 2017

9/23/2017 @ 9:00 AM at Big AFF | Map
Topic is Two days of drives/motivation

Will cover toy play, food play (build drive or work impulse control), hunt drive, personal play, concepts of relationship.

It’s on a Powerpoint. Can take 12 dogs - same dogs both days. Any sport. Please just pay the deposit of $50 to hold your spot.

There will be no refund on a deposit, if you later decide to change your plans. If there is an issue on our end, like the seminar is cancelled for some reason, all deposits will be returned. It's gonna be FUN!
1-Day Audit Spot - $90.00
2-Day Audit Spot - $160.00
2-Day Working spot - $360.00
Saturday Working Spot - $200.00
Sunday Working Spot - $200.00
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